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YOUR Opportunity to NETWORK with a Like-Minded Community To Navigate the Current Environment

Dates: April 14th - April 16th 2020


100% Online, Live Event.


Join the communities of OpenExO, The XPrize Foundation, Singularity University and Others.

You're being offered a seat to converse with the thinkers and global business leaders of our time.


Conference Details

Day 1 || Block 1

Purpose/Outcome: Introduce participants to the ExO World summit and explore 5 key challenges facing our world today

Key topics/messages:

  • We live in a world with exponential challenges (e.g corona or climate change)
  • Linear solutions do not work to address them
  • Technology is a major forcing function – we are facing 20 gutenberg moments happening at the same time
  • Our choices determine whether we will have a Mad Max or Star Trek future
  • Positive breakthroughs are already happening

Speakers include: Nishan Dergnarain, Jeff Booth, Daniel Kraft, Salim Ismail


Day 1 || Block 2

Purpose/Outcome: Introduce participants to the major technological and other breakthroughs that hold a promise for the future

Key topics/messages:

  • Technology can be a force for positive change
  • Many of our current challenges can be addressed by beneficial use of technology
  • There are many examples where technology has been used to create breakthroughs

Speakers include: Neil Jacobstein, Marc Goodman, Raymond McCauley, Scott Summit, Divya Chander


 Day 2 || Block 3

Purpose/Outcome: Dive into the opportunities for societal transformation in 6 major industries

Key topics/messages:

  • Building on exponential challenges and breakthroughs from Day 1, let’s examine what this can mean for the future of our world
  • We have unprecedented opportunities if we work together to implement the available breakthroughs in different domains
  • We need to understand the opportunities we have and make smart choices about our future

Speakers include: Peter Diamandis, Ramez Naam, Brad Templeton, Julie Hanna, Andrew Hessel, Faiz Nazarali, John Edge


 Day 2 || Block 4

Purpose/Outcome: Examine how to overcome our society immune system in different domains and capitalize on opportunities for transformation

Key topics/messages:

  • CEOs and political leaders have a key role to play in making the transformation happen
  • In order to transform our society successfully, we need to overcome the ever-present immune system
  • All parts of our society need to transform – organizations, institutions, people and cities/countries
  • There are many tools that can help to make the transformation a reality 

Speakers include: Jimmy Wales, Brian Bacon, Steven Kotler, Andrew Rasiej, Gary Bolles, Nabyl Charania, Zenia Tata, Jade Teta


  Day 3 || Block 5

Purpose/Outcome: Present simple tools for envisioning and designing the future and get pariticants inspired to take positive action 

Key topics/messages:

  • The future can’t be predicted but can be created
  • Taking an active role in envisioning and building a better future is the best antidote to current fear and uncertainty present in the world 
  • Knowing own purpose and which part of the future one wants to build helps to find the right opportunities and initiatives to make it happen

Speakers include: Anousheh Ansari, Melanie Swan


 Day 3 || Block 6

Purpose/Outcome: Provide an opportunity for all participants to host topics of their choice and build alliances to make positive projects happen after the conference 

Key topics/messages:

  • Positive intentional action is how the future will be built
  • It is important to be courageous about the role each of us wants to play
  • Current world situation represents a unique opportunity to be bold about what can be achieved
  • Supportive networks and communities can help us to sustain momentum and deal with obstacles on the way

Speakers include: All participants